Andrew was born in Derby and had very little experience of dogs until he met Kim. Kim lost her beloved Bassett Hound Fudge shortly after they got together and missed having dogs around her. It wasn’t easy to persuade Andrew to allow her another dog, but her perseverance paid off, on one condition, Andrew could choose the dog. Hence the arrival of Benson the Border collie. The only regret Andrew has ever had was the fact that he hadn’t had dogs in his life earlier. Therefore it was no surprise 12 month later Benson was joined by Millie the collie cross and then a few years later Amber the Golden Retriever. The most recent addition to the family is Kat the ferret, who funnily enough thinks she is a dog. Andrew natural affinity with dogs led him into dog training and followed Sue and Caroline down the clicker training route. After many months of training and study in dog behavior Andrew joined Pet Carers Northumberland as a dog trainer and nutrition advisor.

Andrew now is involved in the day to day running of the franchise and walks all kinds of different dogs as well as his own on a daily basis along with his cat and small animal visits and taking elderly customers pets to the vets for them.

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge of not only dogs and dog behavior and nutrition, also of cats to the point where he administers medicines under veterinary instruction giving tablets and even insulin to diabetic animals.