Kim like Sue and Caroline has had animals all her life. As a young child she often knocked on the doors of neighbors asking if she could walk their dogs. Kim lived in a house that backed onto a local pub whose owners owned a lovely natured German shepherd. Kim would spend hours playing in the garden with Max and although he wasn’t hers he certainly behaved as if he was. He would often venture out of his yard and come knocking on the door for Kim. Yes he actually knocked! He would use his nose to lift the letter box and let it drop constantly. Kim’s Mum would shout “”Max is at the door for you”. He would not leave until she went outside to play. When it was time to go in Max would hold onto Kim’s foot gently and refuse to let her go. Sadly Max moved on with his true owners and Kim began the ever persistent chant “Can I have a dog”. At the age of nine while Christmas shopping with her parents on a cold December day, she found Brandy shivering and cold on a pet stall at a market in Newcastle. After pleading with her Mum and Dad and promising take care of the puppy, she was allowed to take her home... Brandy was then joined by Cindy a stray that followed her home one day and then Dusty a pup that needed a home and as the years went on there was Carly, Cassie, Mindy and Fudge and two cats both called Sam who were much loved by all the family and lived happy long lives. Born in Stake ford Northumberland, over the years Kim has rescued and cared for a wide variety of both domestic and wild animals including Bob the pigeon who much to her husband’s surprise, was found as a fledgling and bought home to be nursed back to health and released back into the wild.

Kim has also had many other pets over the years, rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies, rats, degus, mice and currently, Benson the Border collie, Millie the Collie Cross and the latest addition Amber a Golden Retriever who all live with her, her husband Andrew and their son Gage.

Kim and her family were going on a holiday and needed the animals they love to be cared for and found it difficult to make sure they were going to be treated with the love and care that they were used to at home. At this point her mind was made up, she spent many months researching the various franchises offered for pet care services and finally came across Pet Carers, and Pet Carers working philosophy matched exactly Kim’s ideas and thoughts for the perfect pet caring service. The animals always had to come first. The decision was made she bought the Pet Carers franchise and with the support of Sue and Caroline Pet Carers Northumberland was born.