Small animal visits

Small animal visits

Even a hamster can holiday!

From rascally rabbits to cheeky chinchillas, Pet Carers are happy to care for your small animal whilst you are away.

We will make sure your pet is as well looked after and cared for as if you were doing it yourself. We can cover a large amount of duties for you, ensuring your pet has a stress-free time as possible. You choose the number of visits throughout your departure and all requirements agreed beforehand will be met.

Pet Carers will:

  • Feed your pets
  • Clean cages / hutches / litter trays and wash feeding bowls daily
  • Give plenty of TLC and attention to your pet
  • Cover home security checks such as turning lights on, picking up the post and taking out rubbish
  • Water plants

Every Pet Carers member of staff is fully police checked, giving you security and peace of mind when handing over the keys to your home whilst you are away.