Cat visits

Cat visits

A purr-fect time with Pet Carers

We understand that as independent as cats can be, they also love company. Let Pet Carers Cat Visit service take care of your feline friend whilst you are away.

Pet Carers will visit your cat, feed them and clean litter trays, plus give them the attention and TLC they need.

Some Pet Carers branches take a special interest in feline behaviour, making cats a speciality.

Most of our branches will also administer basic medicines for your pet whilst you are away, giving tablets or even insulin to diabetic cats.

We will keep you informed by text on our first visit and periodically throughout your holiday so that you can rest assured that your cat is in safe hands whilst you are away.

We’ll also carry out security checks such as turning on lights, picking up post and taking out rubbish. All Pet Carers members of staff are fully police checked, giving you security and peace of mind when handing over the keys to your home whilst you are away.