Dog walking

Dog walking

Flexible, fun & safe

The Pet Carers dog walking service can be a lifeline if you work long hours, have hectic family commitments, are recovering from illness or just can’t face the rain!

Our dog walking service can be tailored to suit your dog’s needs. If your pet prefers exercising in a group and socialising with other dogs, or would rather take a leisurely solo stroll, we can discuss your requirements and adapt our service to suit.

Your dog will be picked up in our distinguished pet taxi that is fully fitted with a made-to-measure safety cage so they can travel in comfort and style to specifically chosen woods, fields or beaches where they can enjoy on or off lead walks, play, swimming or just gentle exercise.

We take a sensible approach to group walks and ensure that there are no more dogs at any one time than can be safely monitored.

Our times are also adaptable with morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend walks available as we understand our customers lives are not always 9 to 5!!

We also offer differing time lengths for our walks ranging from half an hour upwards.

Pet carers can also feed your dogs if needed and ensure they have plenty of fresh water available upon the return of your dog

We will keep you updated on your dogs walk if you require sending you a text to tell you when your dog has been picked up and we inform you if we feel your dog needs any additional care – so that you don’t have to guess if they have a dodgy tummy, or an itchy ear.

Contact your local Pet Carers branch for more information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to walk bitches during their season.