It's All About Fred Part 6!

It's All About Fred Part 6!

Fred has had an adventure this week.  My mum and sister got together and planned a lovely walk with the 3 dogs - in the beating rain and wind, whoops.  Fred was sporting a fresh hair-do from his first trip to the groomers and he had a new coat “to help keep him warm and dry” as my mother said.  Needless to say when they got back he was not only shattered but a soggy muddy mess.

During their little jaunt they were followed by a large dog, my sister called me in a blind panic

“OMG You’ll know what to do!  We are being followed by a massive dog, he looks like he’s a Rottwieller cross.   He won’t stop following us, he’s wagging his tail but what do we do?!” Now this is typical of my sister as she has always been very scared of large dogs, I have no idea why. I asked if he had a collar on which he did but she refused to go near it to get the number, my mother wouldn’t either as she is even worse with bigger dogs. She said he seemed very friendly but she just couldn’t go near him and that was that! - and finished with “I’m not you!”  We are at least an hour apart from each other so what she expected me to do I’m really not sure.  They were almost home and he was still following them and causing near accidents in the road. I told them to let him follow them home and shut him in her garden for safety then her husband could check his collar.  She was unsure of this but I told her if it was her dog that was lost she would want someone to help too. I am pleased to say this is exactly what happened and the owner was located and reunited with  Barney, who turned out to be a Chocolate Labrador, not a Rottweiller, I ask you?!

All of this made their 30 minute walk last over an hour and half, the rain was relentless and poor little Fred and Babs were exhausted.  My mum said she got him home and bathed him and he soon fell asleep and there he stayed for the rest of the day.  I would never advise anyone to walk such a young pup for that long but this was under special circumstances.  I’m pleased mum didn’t pick him up and carry him or this could have encouraged Barney to jump up and sniff which would have heightened stress levels all around and it would have been an even harder experience for my sister and mum, which, in turn could have put fear in place for Fred for a long time to come. Alls well that ends well.

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