It's all about Fred part 3

It's all about Fred part 3

Happy New Year!!! Apologies for the gap between posts, we’ve been having a wonderful family Christmas.  Here’s where we are with Fred.

The weekend before Christmas we journeyed back to Wales for a family get together and an outing to see a local Panto, Aladdin.  All exciting build ups for the kids but this was a big trip this time around as it was time for little Fred to meet my two giant (they are way too big for their breed) Samoyeds Woody and Ella.  I guess Fred was about the size of Woody’s head at this point. From my point of view I love watching them interacting with puppies, they tend to play good cop/bad cop but are brilliant for socialising.

Fred was so shocked when he saw them.  I reassured my parents just sitting back and observing was enough. They too can learn a lot about dogs during this introduction.  Fred spread himself across the floor like butter, making himself as small as possible just looking at these two great big white balls of fluff.  Woody & Ella were just being themselves and after an initial sniff, curled up near my feet, as they always do.

Now Woody is not at all bothered with puppies and is more than happy to tell them how to behave in an adult world, Ella is more maternal and will play with them and cuddle them but is not afraid to discipline cheeky puppy behaviour.  So Woody continued to be nonchalant at Freds presence but Ella wanted to relax him and invite him over for a sniff.  She gently rolled onto her back with small playful moves and Fred gradually but very quickly felt comfortable enough to wriggle over on his belly for a sniff.  20 minutes later they were playing and Fred was leaping all over her.  It was wonderful to watch.

A while later, Woody & Ella were lying side by side near me. Fred was up to no good, chasing the kids and nipping them so I called him to distract him.  Instead of racing around my sleeping dogs he decided it would be quicker to just run across their backs like logs.  Turned out it was more like running across sleeping crocodiles. Whoops.  Woody gave a very grumpy “get off me!” growl and Ella was startled and sat bolt upright which in turn flung Fred into a small gap between the sofas.  No puppies were harmed during this hilarious stunt.

Next week...
 My sister is dog sitting Fred for a week in her home with her manic Chug and Chihuahua. Watch this space.

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