1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 Dog Training

A number of Pet Carers branches offer personal dog training sessions, designed and adapted to suit your dog.

Our training offers one-to-one tuition in the dog’s home environment, meaning a relaxed and familiar tailored approach for your dog without the distraction of a class environment.

Our approach is to help reinforce the bond between owner and dog. This means we do not use aversive therapies or punishment of any kind when handling and training dogs.

One of our most popular and successful methods is Clicker training. This is a method that works on the behavioural psychology of puppies and adult dogs. So whether you want to train basic obedience or tricks for fun, the clicker is a very effective and kind tool to use. You and your dog will love it!

Our training follows the most up to date, relevant and humane methods, this also means that we train you the owner on how to get the best response from your dog Tried and tested approaches using body language, consistency, help you to understand your dog’s reactions better.

Pet Carers understand and value the relationship between an owner and their dog. Owning a well-mannered, well-trained dog enhances the relationship and builds upon the strong and trusting bond. This in turn brings years of joy as an owner to a happy, stimulated canine companion.

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